Wedding Speeches

Perfect Wedding Speeches - What a perfect way to send of a wedding couple. However, preparing for Wedding Speeches can be nerve wrecking.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wedding Speeches

Wedding Speeches

Why a wedding speech? Because it is the tradition. It is also a way to focus attention on all the key players, especially the bride and groom. This is an opportunity to compliment the couple for who they are, what they stand for and to wish them well in their future together.

Normally, there are three wedding speeches – by the Bride’s Father, by the Bridegroom and finally, by the Best Man. Although this is the norm, others like the Maid of Honor or the Bridegroom’s Father may also speak.

For most people making a speech is a scary event, and especially a wedding speech. One has to stand up in front of a number of people (200 or more likely), make a favorable impression, keep the invitees entertained and interested, and ensure that the couple know you did your best by them. It has to be a speech that has it’s share of sentimentality, jokes and at the same time, give due respect to the solemnity of the occasion. It has to be just right.

A few tips to help you make your wedding speech a memorable one:

1. Prepare. First of all, let the knowledge that you have to make a wedding speech sink in. Get used to the idea. And start thinking of all that you want to include in the speech. Fix how long you want the speech to be. Start making notes. Get help in preparing the best speech you’ve ever delivered.

2. Rehearse. Whether you want to speak ex tempore or you want to read your speech out, make sure you have the material down and practice it again and again. This will help build up your confidence.

3. Know what to include and what to omit: Avoid topics like death, illness, negative aspects of somebody’s being etc. Be sensitive to issues relating to ethnicity, sex, age etc.

4. Conclude by thanking everyone who spoke and the bride and groom.

The bottom line is that this is a very important point in the bride and groom’s lives and your wedding speech must be tailored to acknowledge them for making the commitment to each other and at the same time include everyone present by making it light and at the same time meaningful.

Wedding Speeches